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I am a semi-retired registered nurse. Having seen all walks of life in the healthcare industry, I have seen it all. Working from an Intensive Care Unit, to cancer patients of all sorts, to surgical floors and operating rooms, it’s all about health and wellness. Indeed, health is our best wealth….

Human life is a miracle.

Having said that, the story that led me to making this first aid kit called “NURSE IN A PURSE” was my encounter a few years back ....


When I was attending my nephew’s graduation ceremony, in a a stadium full of people, behind me (and my family) was a 5 year-old pretty little girl who was screaming because she hurt herself on the rails. Her mother was with her. The little one had a scrape on her little hand, about an inch long, not too deep, but , it was bleeding. The mother did not know what to do, her face was worried when she saw the blood. I looked up and said, “I have a band-aid and antiseptic wipe, do you want them?” The worried mother said, “Yes, please.” I handed it to her and she did a fast “mother first aid procedure”. The mother was relieved with a big sigh. So was I. The little girl stopped crying. And everything went back to normal. The mother thanked me profusely with her words and gestures.

And everything went back to normal. The mother thanked me profusely with her words and gestures. I told her that I am a nurse and I always carry several first aid items in my purse.


For several years, I was able to share my first aid items in my purse on our travels with several passengers in the plane , in the cruise ship and other land travels. It is truly a blessing and joy to be able to help people in simple small ways. It is a way of giving and sharing.

After a few years, I began to develop and integrate the “first aid kit” that I always longed to share with people all over the world, whether you are a mother, a grandmother, a sister, a niece, a friend and everybody else who is in need.

“NURSE IN A PURSE” is a part of our Wellness Pals products.

                                               Thank you for your support.

                                           Miriam, RN

                                  Founder, Owner and CEO  


"Nurse In A Purse" first aid kit does not intend to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. This kit does not replace the advice of your doctor or other healthcare professionals. 

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